New E-Book: Only healthy teeth can make you happy and let you feel as a happy person. The question is do you pay properly enough attention to your teeth and deal with your body? With this book 87% of our clients and patients get to know their body better and understand the connections between their teeth and their body.

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If you read this book carefully you will find the following usefull tips:

  • Your advantage Nr. 1

    Why the so-called hyoid bone is one of the most important switching points for our entire posture.

  • Your advantage Nr. 2

    Why you should NOT do root canal treatments and why root canal treatments affect your entire body

  • Your advantage Nr. 3

    Why toothpaste with fluoride does NOT prevent tooth decay and how harmful it is in fact to your health.

  • Your advantage Nr. 4

    Why dental implants can represent risk to your jaw bone and your health

  • Your advantage Nr. 5

    Why your teeth are a reflection of your soul and why you can lead a happier and healthier life with proper dental prophylaxis.

  • Your advantage Nr. 6

    What removing of healthy teeth by children who should get braces can trigger.

The problem toothaches

Do you know this problem? Toothaches are probably one of the most painful experiences you can have. Everyone advises you to look after your teeth and take care of them and that you have to go to the dentist regularly. Also a proper prophylaxis you should install. Nevertheless it happens again and again that you have problems with your teeth and tremendous toothaches?
There is no other more sensitive area in the body as the teeth. Even supposedly minor damage can drive us to the edge of the madness because often the pain is so unbearable that you can't stand it. Only the way to the dentist can help in such a situation. However this is usually very unpleasant because everyone knows about how painful even this minutes on the dentist chair could be. 

The truth about tooth fillings. Some substances of the filling material or the filling material itself do not even go through the waste disposal.

How do I know this situation so well? I experience dozen of people per week who have similar problems. For over 30 years now I have been helping people to get healthy and beautiful teeth. You have to wake up and see the things realistically wright in the eyes. Today their toothaches are over again but the next toothache and the next walk to the dentist is still waiting for them.The dental problems are not even the worst evil but our entire body is getting influenced by bad teeth. So how we can get rid of it in the long terme?  We have to focus this theme and learn something more about our body and the connection with our teeth.  

For example it is a great advantage to experience the tooth filling materials. The often used amalgam fillings not only affect the oral cavity but can influence our entire body and organ system. On the areas of waste disposal some of the ingredients would be declared as special waste or even poison and we let this substances come into our mouth...

Everything you learn out of this book really works. See how happy readers of this book talking about "There is whole person attached to every tooth"... 

I am working for a dentist and I was interested which tooth is related to which organ system and also for which mental or psychological injury. The book is written in a simple and easy to understand text.  So if I than understand my clients or patients better and what is wrong with them I can be much more targeted and gentle to them.  The result could be that the person get rid of the dentist anxiety.  The book gives hints where something may have its origin.  


​Rarely I have read such an exiting book. I myself am a dentist's assistant and I find it very well written even for laymen. I read it on one day because I find it very exiting and informative. Unfortunately there are much to less dentists who practice in this way. 

I can honestly recommend this book.

I. Maier

We all know that the skin is supposed to be the mirror image of the soul - but also the teeth? After an own experience I came to this topic: a tooth (36 - German classification), root canal treated, started to hurt so much on vacation that I had to take painkillers at night. After three nights like this I called my dentist. A fistula as a sign of an acute purulent process was not to be seen I should perhaps let the tooth go on holiday - an unpleasant thought. At the end of the conversation, he said, would I know that my teeth had something to do with the psyche? Really... actually, no, not really. Tooth 36 would stand for changes, whether such changes would be caused by me? I was amazed - I had been working on this very topic for the last few months I knew it was about change but I wasn't quite as clear as I was.

Ten minutes after we hung up, the pain disappeared and stayed away. The tooth also shows itself inconspicuous in a holistic test later. Apparently simply raising awareness of the issue had been enough to change the situation on the tooth. I'm still amazed. I asked the dentist how he knew all this. He said he was writing a book about it. I then urged him to finish writing so that we could all learn more about this subject. Now it's finished and I'm going to tell you about it - he describes incredible connections and provides them with case documentation. A psychological problem can for example change the position of the teeth (or cause isolated periodontitis) - if the problem is solved the teeth will return to their original position (or periodontitis will heal). We should also be aware of such interrelationships including a description of the development of children's teeth and the problems that result from it and the author also provides well-founded backgrounds in the anatomical-histological field which are a valuable enrichment to the topic of dental foci.

Dr. med. Beate Strittmatter

Specialist in general medicine, sports medicine, naturopathic treatment

Head of training at the German Academy for Acupuncture and Auriculoma Medicine, Munich

Dr. Beate Strittmatter

"Use a toothpaste with fluoride and you prevent your teeth from getting cavities" - Everyone knows such statements. But here there is a secret why exactly the opposite is the case and why it damages the whole body.

Did you know that fluorides in toothpastes do not protect against tooth decay at all? More than 6 years ago, Spiegel-Online published that the fluoride layer created by brushing the tooth surface is so thin that it cannot even maintain the claimed protection against tooth decay.

If swallowed the toxic hydrogen fluoride - which attacks the stomach and intestinal mucous membranes - is produced from fluoride compounds by the action of gastric acid. This can have far-reaching consequences.

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You have exactly 2 possibilities

Possibility Number 1

You have to make a decision now, because you are faced with a choice. The first option is to choose the old route. Please consider what pain you will suffer again in a year if you continue on the same path. They are disappointed to see that nothing has changed and that the same dental problems occur again and again. It may not bother you to have done anything about it before.

Possibility Number 2

You choose a new and courageous path. Here I guarantee you that you will experience dental treatment results you have never dreamed of! You will gain a new understanding of dental problems be able to tackle them at their root cause and eliminate them in the long term. You don't have to take any risk because compared to the pain they have nothing to lose. You will look back proudly and be grateful for a decision that makes you proud. Finally, you know why it is so important to address the cause of your dental problems differently than 96% of physicians do.

If you decide today you will receive a special bonus. But beware: this bonus is only valid for a short period of time. If you leave the site it may happen that you will never see this bonus again and you will not be able to benefit from it.

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