Insider Tooth-Report reveals:

6 practical tips you should pay attention to if you do not want to ruin your own teeth and permanently damage them!

A dentist - well known from radio, TV and media - unpacks and reveals secrets that no other dentist would reveal to you. With this 6 tips you will be able to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile in the long terme and save your money. 

The probably most important report for healthy teeth and a long terme pleasure with your own teeth.

How many of you do not know that ? Tooth pain or a visit to the dentist. Only when you think of it you feel bad and you are afraid. But what is the reason for this? Many people do not care well for their teeth perhaps because they do not know better.  With our 6 tips it will change for all the time. In this report you will learn among other things...

  • …why conventional cleaning of your teeth can lead to loss of your teeth, and which tooth cleaning method is recommended by experts.
  • …which toothpaste is making sense and a balm for your teeth and from which toothpaste you have to separate now because they are just the opposite and ruin your teeth a bit more every time you clean
  • …why the choice of the toothbrush is so important and how the media manipulate most of you with false promises!
  • …which is actually the reason for tartar and why only one treatment method helps to get it permanently under control. Without the right application you will not only suffer pain but will permanently lose the glow of your teeth!
  • …which foods you should urgently avoid, and why just sugar has a similar effect as battery acid on your teeth and also permanently damages your organism!

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